Can’t Stand Me

IMG_20120418_155527Well I guess you can be your own worst critic; however, could you possibly have an honest opinion of yourself?  It all comes from within. It is hard to know thyself if you can’t be honest with yourself.  With the knowledge or lack of knowledge of self, you create your world of reality or fantasy.

By being an artist or writer you create. You express yourself through art, literature, or music which comes from within. Your act of expression, if you so choose, is shown or listened to by a world full of critics.  You may think you have created a masterpiece, but the world may think otherwise.

I know myself personally, and I am never satisfied with the artwork or music I created. It has always been that way with me.  So to the case of being on a video.  Do I prefer to be seen or heard?  Well l know I can’t change the way I look overnight, so I am stuck with the outward appearance.  As for singing, that’s another story.  I know I can’t sing that well. I know there is makeup for appearance and lessons for the singing.  Let’s  just start on the one, as is. I would rather be seen than heard.

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