August Of My Life

2014-08-27 19.50.07Another season is winding down and the starting up of a new season. Another summer has come and soon will be gone.  I have seen many summers, well over fifty of them.  I can say that I am in the August or the late summer of my life.  As the leaves slowly began to change color in the trees, so does the color of my hair on my head and face change.  Still dark in some places, but shades of gray are beginning to manifest its self in other places.

In my school days, which could represent the season of spring in my life, summer was a much anticipated event.  Learning was set aside for a long vacation ending in August or in my case September.  As I mentioned, school equates to spring. Spring represents growth and development.  In school we learn, we grow, we develop.  We then graduate from high school and college.

Now we are in the early summer season of our lives.  Summer once was a time of fun and play, a vacation from schoolwork.  Now in the context of our lives, summer represents a season of work and production.  Summer represents maturation, the bearing of fruit if you will.  August is nearing harvest time. Time to reap the fruits of your labor.

So depending on your perspective in life, be it spring which is your youth, then you would have a case of the August blues, because it is the end of summer and the start of another long school year.  On the other hand, in the August of your life, you have acquired knowledge and wisdom. You are a seasoned person who has had a big taste of life. Hopefully it is tasting sweet.

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6 thoughts on “August Of My Life

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  3. Beautiful butterfly…I too, have seen over fifty summers. This has been the odd one…much cooler than usual. Autumn might just be spectacular with color…hope so! 🙂

  4. Lovely interpretation of the prompt!

    Nice pic, too..

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